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Working with Mask
  • Social distancing 

  • Constant sanitization of equipment, hands, and surfaces we come in contact with

  • N95 Masks worn at all times

  • Contact tracing of all employees and limit of social contacts

  • Monitor our health daily

  • FLU Shots taken

  • Majority of the work we do can be done remote but if we do have to come onsite we are prepared, we want everyone to be healthy and safe against the coronavirus covid19

At JSA Technologies we are following all guidelines imposed by the CDC, US Government, and New York State. ​


In addition to our strict policies and respect for all lives we will be offering these services:

  • Space planning to help social distancing

  • Installation of barriers, temperature readers, sanitization stations, virtual receptionists, etc.

  • Remote workforce systems, Video collaboration, Security software & Antivirus, Monitoring software, Virtual desktops and much more

  • Virtual meeting support, setup, and design

  • Cybersecurity systems to help prevent breaches while devices are in the "wild" 

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Pandemic Update

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